Monday, August 4, 2014

Brazil: Week 23 - Score one for Sister Keeler!!

Remember how I was excited becuase the first time ever I had the same area and the same companion? Well, that lasted for a week. Hahahah Tuesday night I got a call from President asking if I could be companions with a new sister in the mission, Sister Davis....starting the next day. Sister Gomes packed like a mad woman and we started our long trip to Piracicaba the next day. After a long trip, hugs, tears and maybe accidently missing one of our buses. Sister Davis and I arrived back in Po├žos de Caldas Friday afternoon. Longest trip of my life!!! Sister Davis is really cool! She served in Washington for 9 months before coming here to Brasil. She has been in Brasil for 6 weeks. 2 weeks in the MTC and 4 weeks in the feild. So, yes, I am training an American. I feel completely inadaquate. The good things is, my tongue hurts from talking 90% of the time!

One cool thing happened while I was in a billion bus stations. There was this guy that looked at us and was like, you two are Mormons arent you? WHY, YES! We got to talk to him for a while and he is really interested. He doesnt live in our mission but we got his address to give to the church headquarters and I just happened to have an extra Book of Mormon that I gave to him. 

Sister Gomes and I had a really cool experience this week. We knocked on this one door and this short old lady opened a little window in the door and she was really cold with us (which is odd for a Brasilian) she told us that she was Roman Catholic,practicing and didnt want to hear our message. Then without hesitation, Sister Gomes invited her to visit our church on Sunday. The lady was like"..... which church?" "The church of Jesus Christ" She paused, then was like, "come in!!" we sat down and she just stared at us, " you have 5 minutes to give your message. go." well, as we started talking she softened up. And at the end of the lesson, I had the thoughts to sing a hymn for her before the prayer. The spirit was really strong as we were singing and she started to tear up. After the prayer she told us that we were the only people that she has ever let into her house to talk about religion and we are invited back anytime we wanted. The spirit touches hearts, people. 

A mission is definitely the most humbling experience. I love it. It is definitely challenging but its worth it. Its amazing how the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes peoples lives and hearts. It has definitely changed mine. 

I hope you have a lovely week :)  

P.S. A lady this week told me that certain words and sounds that I say in Portuguese sound exactly like a Brasilian. She said that if I said only a couple words she wouldnt have any idea that I am an american! WOOOHOO!!! That made me really happy!!!! THEN! Yesterday, at church I was talking to this lady that was visiting and she was like, "I have to ask, are you Brasilian?" SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Sister Keeler

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