Monday, August 4, 2014

Brazil: Week 11 - See others how Heavenly Father does

So, this week I met Donald Duck, Pele, Elvis Presley, and Scooby-Doo while contacting. Yup, be jealous! Há. Since being with my new companion Sister Forsyth (She is from St. George and super awesome!) we have had some funny experiences, like people wanting to do impressions for us while we are trying to invite them to come unto Christ... I am starting to think that I have a sign on my that says "I like impressions"

Even though its been a hard week (especially after being stuck in our apartment for 2 weeks with a sick companion) we saw a lot of miracles. On Wednesday, I had the impression to go visit R., the old lady that randomly came to the chapel with her grandson, I., who is really intrested in Geneology. We have tried several times to contact her but she is never home. Well, we tried again and she was home and we had a great lesson with her son and her grandson! They are an amazing Family and have definitely been prepared to hear this gospel. (Fun fact: R. is an amazing artist! She paints and her paintings are gorgeous!!!!!)

Also in the past, we have been trying to find M. who the sisters before me taught a couple times but had a hard time getting a hold of him. Well, we just happened to walk down this one street and I was like "Hey! I think M. lives on this street!" So, I went up to the nearest person and was like "Excuse me, but do you happen to know someone named M.?" And, to my surprise he said "Im M." WAHHHH!!!!! Coolest thing ever! He was leaving to go somewhere but he told us to come back!

We also tried to find A. that was on our list of references but we couldnt find the address. So, I went and asked the nearest person (I love how God puts the perfect people in your path. The key is you have to go talk to them) and asked if she knew where this address was and she said that I was Reading the handwriting wrong and it was a completely diferente address than I thought! So, she helped us find that person and we are going to go back to her and teach her! MIRACLES!!!!!!

On a sad note, our 2 investigators with baptismal dates are kind of avoiding us right now. We havent been able to meet with them for a while and they both didnt come to church. :/ They have very Strong testimonies but they arent sure if they want to change their life right now.

This week I read a quote by President Uchtdorf in a devotional by my BYU Statistics professor, "Learn to see yourself as Heavenly Father sees you- as His precious daughter or son with divine potencial" It is importante that we see others as our Father in Heaven sees them and it is equally as importante to see ourselves as He sees us. And, I dont know about you, but that is the hardest part for me. So, I made a goal to see myself and treat myself as Heavenly Father sees me. I know He loves me and He has so much in store for me. And, He does for you too. I hope you love yourself like Heavenly Father loves you and I hope you have a beautiful week!  

Sister Keeler

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