Monday, August 4, 2014

Brazil: week 13 - Brownies? I think yes!

Well, right now I am in Botucatu (Try to say that ten times fast! :) Because we had a P-day with the zone! Getting here completely used up all of our Money for the rest of the month but its all good because it was so fun to hang out with other missionaries. Sometimes we feel like we are so far away from everyone lá in Jau.
I have come to really love this área. Like I loved it before but when I realized we are halfway through the transfer I got really sad! The people we are teaching are amazing (Except for they have a problem with going to churhc...... that makes me want to cry) and everyday we keep finding and talking to more amazing people. The hard thing about this área is there is a lot of catholisism (which usually means they say they are catholic but dont practice or go to church) But, the great thing is the people that actually listen to us ACTUALLY want to listen to us. Does that even make sense? :) há
One of our investigators the other day was like, "you know what, I am going to start having a meeting with my Family where we pray together and we read out of the Book of Mormon. In fact I have already marked  a couple passages in 2 Nephi 31 about baptism that I really like" Yup, that was like the best day of my life! WOOHOOO!!!!!! Her name is E. and she has been battling câncer for about 7 years now. She is from Manaus and her husband just returned to go back and work up there. They are an amazing Family. Another one of our investigators, N., has been Reading the Book of Mormon like crazy! I am so impressed! He reads the passages we give him like 5 times because he wants to really understand what it is saying. Coolest person ever.
So, this week we had some bad luck with address's. It seemed like every address that people gave to us to return to share the gospel was the WRONG ADDRESS!!!!! UGH! But, its all good. Everything happens for a reason :) The great thing is, I am in Brazil and people here LOVE helping a brother out :) I seriously have not had so many people completely stop what they are doing to help find a person or a street for us. One time someone gave a us ride to the street we needed! The people here are really nice :)
I hope you all have a most amazing week! Someone this week said a really thought provoking question, that I want all of you to think about (and respond to me if you want:) "What would it mean to you to find Christs true church on this Earth?"
Sister Keeler
P.S. This week I was craving brownies SO BAD!! (That is the one thing I miss so much from the states) and we tried making them and it went pretty well! They arent like the box brownies but it definitely satisfied my craving :)

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