Monday, August 4, 2014

Brazil: Week 22 - The good, the bad, the ugly

What a week!

The Good: We found out that this 14 year old boy, J. that has been going to church for the longest time, isnt a member! He was like, what do I have to do to get baptized? WHAT? YOURE NOT A MEMBER! So, of course we went and had a lesson this week and set a baptismal date! He is amazing! He comes to church by himself and he already has a testimony!

We have also recieved a TON of references from our ward (that has NEVER happened to me!) Before my mission I was always like, why does every missionary ask for refferences, BUT NOW I UNDERSTAND!!!!! wow. When someone already knows a member of the church, its like millions times better! We have been teaching this one young family (reference!) and they are amazing! they are so excited to go to church this Sunday (they couldnt make it yesterday) and they love reading the Book of Mormon! 

This other reference, at first she was really cold but let us in anyways, but as we were teaching she started to open up and she was like, talk to me about temple marriage and we talked about how in the temple you marry not only for time on earth, but ALL eternity. All other marraige (how in the world do you spell this word in English?!) is "until death do you part" well, she was like, what!? no one told me that! I am going to have my husband listen to your mensagens too! WOOHOOo!!

Bad: There were a lot of people that dont want us to come back. They have many different reasons but all in all. Its really sad! People that we have been visiting for a long time too. Its really hard when people say no. Because I know how much their lives will be blessed. 

Ugly: It has rained ALL WEEK!!!! and, also, becauseof the rain it has been SOOOOO COOOOLDDDD!!!!!! SERIOUSLY! I did not know that Brasil could be so cold! I CAN SEE MY BREATH!!!!! AHHHHH!!!! On the plus side, It has been cold enough at night to wear my pink footy pajamas!! :D haha

I hope that you have a wonderful and blessed week! Remember that its not going to be easy, it never was for Jesus, but its worth it. Definitely. WORTH IT!!!!!  
Sister Keeler

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