Monday, August 4, 2014

Brazil: week 10- I've been out for 6... MONTHS!?!

Yeah, apparently I have 6 months on the mission....WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN??? Weird! You know what else is weird? It is almost my birthday and I am turning 20!!!!! Like, I wont be a kid anymore! What? 

Anyways, Transfers are this week and I am staying in Jau!!!!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!! I am litterally EXTREMELY excited to stay! I love it here! I dont know who my new companion is right now so we will find out!

So, we didnt really go out much this week because my companion was still sick with dengue. But, our wonderful President sent the Sister Training Leaders to help us for two days this week and that was awesome! What a blessing to have them! One sister stayed with my companion as I went out and worked with the other. We were able to visit a lot of people and also set a baptism date with J.! We also met this lady that was like " Hey, Ive seen a movie about missionaries! Its called "The Otherside of Heaven." WHAT!? So cool! I have no idea how she saw that movie because its not that popular, especially here. 

P.S. I have officially gotten to the point that I am litterally forgetting english and Portuguese sounds like english to me.....  so, I apologize for any random Portuguese words or my english makes no sense.... Just a warning for the next year.... :)

Sister Keeler

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