Monday, August 4, 2014

Brazil: Week 17 - The song for this transfer.. It's the climb

Seriously, I dont know how we do it, but we are constantly climbing up a mountain and never descending...... At least by the end of this transfer I will have legs of steel :) ha

We have been working really hard at finding new people to teach because a lot of our old investigators dont want us to come back.... But! Some really cool things happened this week! 

As Sister Gomes and I were contacting one day, we met this guy E. waiting for a bus. Since the bus was coming we only had a little time to talk but inviting him to church. He seemed really interested. WELL! about 2 hours later that day, we ran into the SAME GUY! He was in a hurry to work so we didnt really talk. THENNNNNNNN!!!!!!! Later that day, We were walking doewn this street and I had the feelings to knock on these two doors. First door, was this 15 year old girl that we are teaching now and she is an eleito. Second door, was E.!!!!! THE SAME EXACT GUY we saw 2 times earlier that day. We could not believe it!!! 3 times in one day! That my friend, is a magic number! He couldnt believe it too! So, we started to teach him and made an appointment to come back. Well, we went back and he was alone in his house so we went to his grandmas house, the house under his house, to teach. Well, his grandma started preaching to us and bible bashing and she wouldnt give us room to speak. Then, E. was like "Grandma, these missionaries are not here to tear down our religion! They are here to talk about Jesus Christ. That is what they were sent here to do. Please let them speak. I NEED to hear them. The other day I ran into them 3 times and I know that it is a sign from God that I need to hear their message." The grandma stopped talking. And we were able to teach and the spirit returned. OH MY GOODNESS!!! it was really cool. Really, cool. 

The other story I wanted to share, is I was walking up this mountain (Like every other day of my life) and this old lady was walking down the hill. I started to talk to her and she was like I will be back in 10 minutes, I live right there. See you in 10! Woah. Okay! So, we came back in 10 minutes and were able to teach her! She was super interested and even said that she is catholic but goes to another church because she knows the catholic church is not true and the other church that she is attending she just likes how the preacher speaks. Well, afterwards she was like can you come back in two days? SURE! We went back but she wasnt there.... Well, we went back last night and come to find out that the reason she wasnt there at the time of our appointment is because she was in the HOSPITAL and almost died!!!!!! But you know what she was concerned about while she was almost dying in the hospital? That we were at her house and she wasnt there! She was so worried that we would think that she didnt want to hear our message! 

This week was hard, but when you work hard miracles happen! 

I am teaching my companion English :) Yup, Brasilians (trying) speaking english is the funniest thing ever :) hahah 

I hope you have a marvelous week! Know that God loves you and is watching over you. Always. 

Sister Keeler

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