Monday, August 4, 2014

Brazil: Week 16 - El cupo mundo!!

Well, I have successfully lived in ALL of the farthest cities in our mission! WOOHOO!!! It took  5 buses  to get here in Poços de Caldas. Talk about longest trip of my life! But, I love it here!! It is so beautiful! My new companion is Sister Gomes and she is from João Pessoa, Brasil. Our area is litterally a mountain and I dont know how we do it but we are ALWAYS subindo never descending! I guess I will get stronger....yay? :) 

The ward here is really fucused on missionary work! It is great! I have never had a ward so involved in the work. Its truly a blessing and it changes the whole dynamics of missionary work. They help with lessons, references, everything. 

Incase you didnt know, the world cup started this week! (BRASIL!!!) Even though we have to stay inside while Brasil plays, we still know whats going on because we can hear the WHOLE CITY cheering everytime something happens!!!!! Its the coolest thing ever!!! Everyone is inside watching and it is EXTREMELY loud every time Brasil makes a goal :) But, sadly, because of the world cup, it is SO hard to teach people. No one answers the door when a game is on. :/ But! We did have an investigator go to church that had SO much vergonha! That was a miracle! And, também, we visited a member that has been inactive for a year and he came to church !!!   WoohooO!!!!

Wow, I am out of time but I will write more next time! Have a great week! 
Sister Keeler

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