Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Brazil: Week 24 - Where's Noah when you need him?

Well, to start this week our with a bang.... OUR SHOWER BROKE!! woohoo!! Cold showers for a week! I think some of you are thinking that this is not a bad thing because Brasil is hot, but you forget that I am in POÇOS DE CALDAS during the WINTER! It is SO cold here and taking cold showers was not very fun. But, we got it fixed yesterday! YES! Never been so excited to take a shower :) ha
Speaking about water.... our fridge decided to pee all of the kitchen floor! We came home at night and had about a 2 inch flood in our kitchen. That was fun! haha our District leader joked and said we should build an arc. ha. where is Noah when you need him?
The other day I was contacting this lady and she was like, "I dont have time for your visits but I know exactly who would love to see you! Let me take you there!" Woohoo! She walked us to this house and come to find out the lady that lived there WAS really excited to see us because she is a member! But has been inactive for about 8 years! Her brother died a week earlier adn she was really comforted to see us and our lesson. It was a really cool experience. I have no clue how we have never met her!
We have been finding a lot of new people to teach this week. We had a really cool lesson with this one lady that was like, I have visited almost every church but I just feel like something is missing. We were like, WE CAN HELP YOU WITH THAT!!!! It was really cool to see that there are people ready and looking for the truth, but they dont know where to find it.This is one of the things that motivates me everyday. There are people waiting for me and I need to work my hardest to find these people!
I was reading Doctrine and Covenants 101 this past week and it talks about the watchman in the tower. I have been thinking about this a lot this week. Thomas S. Monson, our prophet, is the watchman in the tower because he recieves revelation for the whole world but think about all the people that he needs to get this information to....the whole world! There are BILLIONS of people that do not know that we have a living prophet today. We, as missionaries , need to help spread the gospel so that everyone has an opportunity to hear it and hear the watchman in the tower. But, missionaries cant do it alone either. We need the help of members. its amazing that you can have missionaries in an area for years and years but yet we ALWAYS have people to teach that have NEVER heard the gospel. Lots of your friends probably have not heard about the gospel, this is one of the reasons why giving references to missionaries is so important. We need help finding these people. And, its amazing that most of the references we have gotten here people are like "I dont think they will ever listen to you" and these people turn out to be searching for the truth and are ready to hear the gospel! So, it doesnt matter if you dont think they are reading, just share the gospel!
I love you and hope you have a great week!!!! 
Sister Keeler

Monday, August 4, 2014

Brazil: Week 23 - Score one for Sister Keeler!!

Remember how I was excited becuase the first time ever I had the same area and the same companion? Well, that lasted for a week. Hahahah Tuesday night I got a call from President asking if I could be companions with a new sister in the mission, Sister Davis....starting the next day. Sister Gomes packed like a mad woman and we started our long trip to Piracicaba the next day. After a long trip, hugs, tears and maybe accidently missing one of our buses. Sister Davis and I arrived back in Poços de Caldas Friday afternoon. Longest trip of my life!!! Sister Davis is really cool! She served in Washington for 9 months before coming here to Brasil. She has been in Brasil for 6 weeks. 2 weeks in the MTC and 4 weeks in the feild. So, yes, I am training an American. I feel completely inadaquate. The good things is, my tongue hurts from talking 90% of the time!

One cool thing happened while I was in a billion bus stations. There was this guy that looked at us and was like, you two are Mormons arent you? WHY, YES! We got to talk to him for a while and he is really interested. He doesnt live in our mission but we got his address to give to the church headquarters and I just happened to have an extra Book of Mormon that I gave to him. 

Sister Gomes and I had a really cool experience this week. We knocked on this one door and this short old lady opened a little window in the door and she was really cold with us (which is odd for a Brasilian) she told us that she was Roman Catholic,practicing and didnt want to hear our message. Then without hesitation, Sister Gomes invited her to visit our church on Sunday. The lady was like"..... which church?" "The church of Jesus Christ" She paused, then was like, "come in!!" we sat down and she just stared at us, " you have 5 minutes to give your message. go." well, as we started talking she softened up. And at the end of the lesson, I had the thoughts to sing a hymn for her before the prayer. The spirit was really strong as we were singing and she started to tear up. After the prayer she told us that we were the only people that she has ever let into her house to talk about religion and we are invited back anytime we wanted. The spirit touches hearts, people. 

A mission is definitely the most humbling experience. I love it. It is definitely challenging but its worth it. Its amazing how the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes peoples lives and hearts. It has definitely changed mine. 

I hope you have a lovely week :)  

P.S. A lady this week told me that certain words and sounds that I say in Portuguese sound exactly like a Brasilian. She said that if I said only a couple words she wouldnt have any idea that I am an american! WOOOHOO!!! That made me really happy!!!! THEN! Yesterday, at church I was talking to this lady that was visiting and she was like, "I have to ask, are you Brasilian?" SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Sister Keeler

Brazil: Week 22 - The good, the bad, the ugly

What a week!

The Good: We found out that this 14 year old boy, J. that has been going to church for the longest time, isnt a member! He was like, what do I have to do to get baptized? WHAT? YOURE NOT A MEMBER! So, of course we went and had a lesson this week and set a baptismal date! He is amazing! He comes to church by himself and he already has a testimony!

We have also recieved a TON of references from our ward (that has NEVER happened to me!) Before my mission I was always like, why does every missionary ask for refferences, BUT NOW I UNDERSTAND!!!!! wow. When someone already knows a member of the church, its like millions times better! We have been teaching this one young family (reference!) and they are amazing! they are so excited to go to church this Sunday (they couldnt make it yesterday) and they love reading the Book of Mormon! 

This other reference, at first she was really cold but let us in anyways, but as we were teaching she started to open up and she was like, talk to me about temple marriage and we talked about how in the temple you marry not only for time on earth, but ALL eternity. All other marraige (how in the world do you spell this word in English?!) is "until death do you part" well, she was like, what!? no one told me that! I am going to have my husband listen to your mensagens too! WOOHOOo!!

Bad: There were a lot of people that dont want us to come back. They have many different reasons but all in all. Its really sad! People that we have been visiting for a long time too. Its really hard when people say no. Because I know how much their lives will be blessed. 

Ugly: It has rained ALL WEEK!!!! and, also, becauseof the rain it has been SOOOOO COOOOLDDDD!!!!!! SERIOUSLY! I did not know that Brasil could be so cold! I CAN SEE MY BREATH!!!!! AHHHHH!!!! On the plus side, It has been cold enough at night to wear my pink footy pajamas!! :D haha

I hope that you have a wonderful and blessed week! Remember that its not going to be easy, it never was for Jesus, but its worth it. Definitely. WORTH IT!!!!!  
Sister Keeler

Brazil: Week 21 - Transfers again?

Wow. Every transfer, time goes by faster and faster! AH!!!

So, I have some surprising news..........I am staying here in Poços de Caldas with my SAME companion, Sister Gomes!!! Woohoo!! This will be the first time I actually stayed with a companion!

This week our bishop moved and now lives in the house above us. And, yes, we helped them move. I totally felt like an American Missionary!!! 

This week, our District Leader gave us some challenges and the first one was to talk to 12 women that are carring a baby. At first I was like what a weird challenge and where are we going to find these 12? Well, before we left the house, Sister Gomes and I prayed to find 12 women carrying a baby. Well, we walked out of our house and about 126 steps and you know what we saw? A woman with carring a baby. She also had another child with her and was carrying groceries. We asked her if she needed help and she was really relieved that we were there to help her. Well, we started to talk to her and she was like hey, could you come teach my family? So, we dropped off the groceries inside and gave a lesson. She is really interested. Definitely prepared by God. I know that miracles happen. I know that our leaders are inspired of God. I KNOW that God answers prayers. 

This week was the first week without interference by the world cup and let me just say, I love soccer and I love the world cup. But, I love God more and I love being able to teach the whole world about the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

This week we were able to find a lot of new investigators and I must say I think we have the most diverse investigators EVER! Its really cool and its so fun to teach different kinds of people with different types of backgrounds about the gospel.

I am so glad to be a missionary. I just reliezed that this transfer is officially the middle of my mission. It is seriously flying by. But, thats why I am trying to make EVERY moment count. I hope everyone has a miraculous week and know that your Heavenly Father loves you. Very much.

Sister Keeler

Brazil: Week 20 - The biggest let down

Sorry, this is going to be a short email.....

Seriously? Germany?!? After Brasil had that sad loss I started rooting for Argentina....but both countries let me down!! The only bad thing, I look like a German... I hope people will talk to us. 

I had the weirdest lesson of my life this week. These two ladies said that we could share a message but they wouldnt let us in and said we had to give our message at the gate... then, at the end, we asked if we could say a prayer and one of the ladies got really mad that we asked and walked inside..... 

On a happier note! We had Multi-zona and our mission celebrated its first year! WOOHOO!!!! I am so glad to be part of this mission. 

I am so excited for the world cup to be over because we can finally get back to work!! I loved being able to watch soccer and enjoy the patriotism of Brasil, but I miss teaching people and helping them come closer to Christ. I hope you all have a great week! I promise I will have more to say next week!  

Sister Keeler

Brazil: Week 19 - Public Transportation

Okay, lets talk about public transportation for a second. Here in Brasil almost everyone uses onibus, the public bus system. I have seen people take crazy things on the buses, a baby still in the stroller, a flat screen, huge luggages (Okay, that was me.....) and a TREE! Yes, someone brought a TREE on the bus! Not a little sproutling but a tree as big as me! I litterally could not stop laughing! Only in Brasil :)   

I have learned a good lesson this transfer. ALWAYS ask people if they know how to read. About half of our investigators cant read or have a very low reading level (And, i was wondering why they had such a problem reading the chapters we left! Its because they litterally CANT!) One of our investigators, P. has a very low reading level and also has epilepsy with other health problems. Well, lately she has been having about 3 seizures A DAY! A couple weeks ago when we were meeting with her I had the impressions to promise her that if she read the Book of Mormon she would not have anymore seizures. Well, she hadnt been reading, but last night we went and saw her and she told us that she read a little this week and hasnt had a seizure for the past two days. That my friend, is a miracle. 

Our mission president has a new rule that we have to hold a Book of Mormon in our hands at all times and besides the fact that I have almost dropped it a couple times and have left it in the most unusual places, it is seriously the best rule ever! No one has commented....yet... about the Book of Mormon as we walk by but it makes a difference of how I feel. I know it sounds weird but when you are holding the Word of God in your hands as you are preaching His gospel you feel different. You feel a sense of urgency and power in the work. 

This week I have been trying really hard to listen to the whisperings of the spirit at ALL times and in ALL places. And, its amazing the tiny miracles that happen throughout the day when you are SO fucused on the spirit. We have been able to find people that are ready to hear this gospel. We have been able to find less active members that arent even on our ward list. And many more things. It is truly amazing. I am so blessed to be on a mission. I am so blessed to have the spirit in my life as a constant companion. I have seriously never been so happy in my ENTIRE LIFE. I didnt know that could be possible, but it is. The other day we were talking to this lady and she totally rejected us but she couldnt help but smile and thank me for being the happiest person she has met. That really made my day. I hope that one day everyone will have the chance to experience the joy I feel everyday from living the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

I love you and hope you have a most blessed week!

P.S Did you know that the moon is diffrent here (because we are "upside down" or in the southern hemisphere) the moon looks like the chessire cat´s smile and the moon isn´t split top to bottom but actual side to side. SO COOL!

Sister Keeler

Brazil: Week 18 - VIVA BRASIL!

Did ANYONE watch the Brasil vs. Chile game!??!?!?! OH MY GOODNESS! We were able to watch it (On many conditions of course).I have never screamed so much IN MY LIFE!!!!!! My companion and I were freaking out the WHOLE game! She even started crying! It was a good game! If you havent watched it, go repent, then watch it :) haha

Well, we went and saw E. this past friday and you know what the first thing he said? "WHERE HAVE YOU GUYS BEEN!" He is golden. We actually tried to go earlier but he was never home because he was getting things ready for his wedding. We asked when it was, IT WAS THE NEXT DAY!!!! It was the night before the wedding day and he invited us in for a lesson. Wow. He also invited us to the wedding! We couldnt go, but I am really proud to say that I got invited to a wedding :) hahah  Sadly, he is moving out of our area but we are going to get his address this week. 

We have been working really hard lately and we were able to have 6 lessons in one day! That is the first time THAT has ever happened! I also had another first! We are teaching a Jehovahs Witness! Also, she has never read the Bible! 

Oh! I also had yet another first! Our ward had a festa Junina (go look it up on Google). It is a holiday here and the festa was super fun! (it was really sad that we couldnt dance.....) The members brought a lot of friends that arent members and it was a great experience. There was also A TON of delicious food!! Oh my goodness! I will definitely miss the food here in Brasil!

Well, I hope you have a wonderful week! Thank you for your prayers and your support! Serving a mission is not easy but when I read your emails every week it helps me stay focused and feliz. I hope you have a miraculous week!  

Fica feliz! 

Sister Keeler

Brazil: Week 17 - The song for this transfer.. It's the climb

Seriously, I dont know how we do it, but we are constantly climbing up a mountain and never descending...... At least by the end of this transfer I will have legs of steel :) ha

We have been working really hard at finding new people to teach because a lot of our old investigators dont want us to come back.... But! Some really cool things happened this week! 

As Sister Gomes and I were contacting one day, we met this guy E. waiting for a bus. Since the bus was coming we only had a little time to talk but inviting him to church. He seemed really interested. WELL! about 2 hours later that day, we ran into the SAME GUY! He was in a hurry to work so we didnt really talk. THENNNNNNNN!!!!!!! Later that day, We were walking doewn this street and I had the feelings to knock on these two doors. First door, was this 15 year old girl that we are teaching now and she is an eleito. Second door, was E.!!!!! THE SAME EXACT GUY we saw 2 times earlier that day. We could not believe it!!! 3 times in one day! That my friend, is a magic number! He couldnt believe it too! So, we started to teach him and made an appointment to come back. Well, we went back and he was alone in his house so we went to his grandmas house, the house under his house, to teach. Well, his grandma started preaching to us and bible bashing and she wouldnt give us room to speak. Then, E. was like "Grandma, these missionaries are not here to tear down our religion! They are here to talk about Jesus Christ. That is what they were sent here to do. Please let them speak. I NEED to hear them. The other day I ran into them 3 times and I know that it is a sign from God that I need to hear their message." The grandma stopped talking. And we were able to teach and the spirit returned. OH MY GOODNESS!!! it was really cool. Really, cool. 

The other story I wanted to share, is I was walking up this mountain (Like every other day of my life) and this old lady was walking down the hill. I started to talk to her and she was like I will be back in 10 minutes, I live right there. See you in 10! Woah. Okay! So, we came back in 10 minutes and were able to teach her! She was super interested and even said that she is catholic but goes to another church because she knows the catholic church is not true and the other church that she is attending she just likes how the preacher speaks. Well, afterwards she was like can you come back in two days? SURE! We went back but she wasnt there.... Well, we went back last night and come to find out that the reason she wasnt there at the time of our appointment is because she was in the HOSPITAL and almost died!!!!!! But you know what she was concerned about while she was almost dying in the hospital? That we were at her house and she wasnt there! She was so worried that we would think that she didnt want to hear our message! 

This week was hard, but when you work hard miracles happen! 

I am teaching my companion English :) Yup, Brasilians (trying) speaking english is the funniest thing ever :) hahah 

I hope you have a marvelous week! Know that God loves you and is watching over you. Always. 

Sister Keeler

Brazil: Week 16 - El cupo mundo!!

Well, I have successfully lived in ALL of the farthest cities in our mission! WOOHOO!!! It took  5 buses  to get here in Poços de Caldas. Talk about longest trip of my life! But, I love it here!! It is so beautiful! My new companion is Sister Gomes and she is from João Pessoa, Brasil. Our area is litterally a mountain and I dont know how we do it but we are ALWAYS subindo never descending! I guess I will get stronger....yay? :) 

The ward here is really fucused on missionary work! It is great! I have never had a ward so involved in the work. Its truly a blessing and it changes the whole dynamics of missionary work. They help with lessons, references, everything. 

Incase you didnt know, the world cup started this week! (BRASIL!!!) Even though we have to stay inside while Brasil plays, we still know whats going on because we can hear the WHOLE CITY cheering everytime something happens!!!!! Its the coolest thing ever!!! Everyone is inside watching and it is EXTREMELY loud every time Brasil makes a goal :) But, sadly, because of the world cup, it is SO hard to teach people. No one answers the door when a game is on. :/ But! We did have an investigator go to church that had SO much vergonha! That was a miracle! And, também, we visited a member that has been inactive for a year and he came to church !!!   WoohooO!!!!

Wow, I am out of time but I will write more next time! Have a great week! 
Sister Keeler

Brazil: Week 15 - IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!:D

Who has two thumbs and it's her birthday today?

For my email this week, I decided to switch things up a bit! This week I wrote 20 reasons why I love being a missionary since this is the only opportunity I have to have my birthday as a missionary! HOW COOL!

20 Reasons why Sister Keeler Loves being a missionary:
1. You get to focus 24/7 on other people
2. You get to bare your testimony everyday
3. You get to help people become happier than they could imagine 
4. You meet incredible people!.......and some really crazy ones too :)
5. You grow spiritually (help others grow spiritually)
6. No one gets mad if you just want to listen to mormon tabernacle choir all the time
7. You dont have to worry about what you are going to wear because its always going to be a shirt and a skirt for every occasion
8. You actually get a tan for once in your life ;)
9. Every moment of your life is rewarding and has a purpose
10. You see people change their lives
11. Have interrupted time everyday to study the scriptures
12. You always are well rested because you go to bed early.......okay, maybe not WELL rested....
13. You get a new best friend about every 6 weeks
14. You feel more joy than you have ever felt before in your life
15. People love to give you free food!
16. You learn to live with someone 24/7
17. Dont have to worry about homework 
18. Learn money management
19. You always have someone to talk too. Sometimes its like always having a sleep over!
20. You have an opportunity to make your weakness become strengths

Honestly, I could keep going. I love being a missionary. It has litterally been one of the best decisions of my life. It wasnt easy to leave everything behind for a year and a half. And, its still not easy. But, you know what? Its worth it. 

I am so greatful to be a representative of Jesus Christ. I love my Savior. And, I am so greatful for His infinite atoning sacrifice. I hope you all have the most rewarding week ever!! 

I love you!!!!
Sister Keeler

Brazil: Week 14 - Sabe nada inocente

Sabe nada inocente is a popular phrase here that one of our investigators taught us. And, I LOVE saying it :) hahah I feel like a true  Brasilian when I say it :) ha 

The perfect scripture to describe this week: "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understandings." Proverbs 3:5.
We have been working really hard and nothing has seemed to changed. Like none of our investigators were progressing and a lot have nos deixa. But, yesterday, a miracle happened! We had 7 investigators at church! Which hasnt happened in the longest time!!! (I have never had that many at church before) J., who gets off of work between 2-4 am everyday came with her 2 children and one grandchild. Talk about sacrifice! E., our investigator with cancer came. and also R. who surprised us and came to church!  I was so happy to have them all at church! I couldnt stop smiling! Blessings always come, you just have to be patient with the Lords timing. When you do your part the Lord will work out the rest :) 

We also met a lady this week that was like " Oh! You are mormons! I had a friend a long time ago that was mormon and I actually bought a CTR ring! " She has been wearing a CTR ring (It stands for "choose the right") everyday for 7 years! So cool! Now i feel bad that I always used to loose mine...... :) hahah

Sorry, that this is really short. I am spending my time sending pictures

I hope you have the most SPECTACULAR week ever!!!!!

FYI my birthday is this monday!! ah!!! :)
Sister Keeler

Brazil: week 13 - Brownies? I think yes!

Well, right now I am in Botucatu (Try to say that ten times fast! :) Because we had a P-day with the zone! Getting here completely used up all of our Money for the rest of the month but its all good because it was so fun to hang out with other missionaries. Sometimes we feel like we are so far away from everyone lá in Jau.
I have come to really love this área. Like I loved it before but when I realized we are halfway through the transfer I got really sad! The people we are teaching are amazing (Except for they have a problem with going to churhc...... that makes me want to cry) and everyday we keep finding and talking to more amazing people. The hard thing about this área is there is a lot of catholisism (which usually means they say they are catholic but dont practice or go to church) But, the great thing is the people that actually listen to us ACTUALLY want to listen to us. Does that even make sense? :) há
One of our investigators the other day was like, "you know what, I am going to start having a meeting with my Family where we pray together and we read out of the Book of Mormon. In fact I have already marked  a couple passages in 2 Nephi 31 about baptism that I really like" Yup, that was like the best day of my life! WOOHOOO!!!!!! Her name is E. and she has been battling câncer for about 7 years now. She is from Manaus and her husband just returned to go back and work up there. They are an amazing Family. Another one of our investigators, N., has been Reading the Book of Mormon like crazy! I am so impressed! He reads the passages we give him like 5 times because he wants to really understand what it is saying. Coolest person ever.
So, this week we had some bad luck with address's. It seemed like every address that people gave to us to return to share the gospel was the WRONG ADDRESS!!!!! UGH! But, its all good. Everything happens for a reason :) The great thing is, I am in Brazil and people here LOVE helping a brother out :) I seriously have not had so many people completely stop what they are doing to help find a person or a street for us. One time someone gave a us ride to the street we needed! The people here are really nice :)
I hope you all have a most amazing week! Someone this week said a really thought provoking question, that I want all of you to think about (and respond to me if you want:) "What would it mean to you to find Christs true church on this Earth?"
Sister Keeler
P.S. This week I was craving brownies SO BAD!! (That is the one thing I miss so much from the states) and we tried making them and it went pretty well! They arent like the box brownies but it definitely satisfied my craving :)

Brazil: Week 12 - The good, the bad, the ugly

Good times: I got to skype my family yesterday and see their beautiful faces!! Ben has grown up so much, its ridiculous!
Bad times: I only got 40 minutes to skype :/
Good times: One of our investigators that hasnt been progressing at all was telling us about how she watched the restoration movie online and was like, you know what, Its all true. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and Joseph Smith was a prophet! AND ACCEPTED TO BE BAPTIZED!
Bad times: Our really cool investigator R. that I talked about last week doesnt want to meet with us anymore and I dont know what happened :/
Good times: We found 2 families this week ready for the gospel! Teaching Families are powerful! 
Good times: WINTER IS COMING!!!!! WOOHOOO!!!! I wore a jacket for the first time this week!
Good times: We had conferencia de Distrito and our mission president spoke about how our first priority is to fortify our families. Children are the future and we need to teach them correct principles at HOME. They need to learn IN THE HOME. was really powerful. 
good times: We have a new rule that all missionaries need to leave the house at 10 am then finish our studies after lunch. Its been working out really well.
good times: I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am a representative of Jesus Christ sharing the message of the restored gospel with the WORLD!! (okay, maybe just Brazil right now :)

Have  a most amazing week! 
Sister Keeler

Brazil: Week 11 - See others how Heavenly Father does

So, this week I met Donald Duck, Pele, Elvis Presley, and Scooby-Doo while contacting. Yup, be jealous! Há. Since being with my new companion Sister Forsyth (She is from St. George and super awesome!) we have had some funny experiences, like people wanting to do impressions for us while we are trying to invite them to come unto Christ... I am starting to think that I have a sign on my that says "I like impressions"

Even though its been a hard week (especially after being stuck in our apartment for 2 weeks with a sick companion) we saw a lot of miracles. On Wednesday, I had the impression to go visit R., the old lady that randomly came to the chapel with her grandson, I., who is really intrested in Geneology. We have tried several times to contact her but she is never home. Well, we tried again and she was home and we had a great lesson with her son and her grandson! They are an amazing Family and have definitely been prepared to hear this gospel. (Fun fact: R. is an amazing artist! She paints and her paintings are gorgeous!!!!!)

Also in the past, we have been trying to find M. who the sisters before me taught a couple times but had a hard time getting a hold of him. Well, we just happened to walk down this one street and I was like "Hey! I think M. lives on this street!" So, I went up to the nearest person and was like "Excuse me, but do you happen to know someone named M.?" And, to my surprise he said "Im M." WAHHHH!!!!! Coolest thing ever! He was leaving to go somewhere but he told us to come back!

We also tried to find A. that was on our list of references but we couldnt find the address. So, I went and asked the nearest person (I love how God puts the perfect people in your path. The key is you have to go talk to them) and asked if she knew where this address was and she said that I was Reading the handwriting wrong and it was a completely diferente address than I thought! So, she helped us find that person and we are going to go back to her and teach her! MIRACLES!!!!!!

On a sad note, our 2 investigators with baptismal dates are kind of avoiding us right now. We havent been able to meet with them for a while and they both didnt come to church. :/ They have very Strong testimonies but they arent sure if they want to change their life right now.

This week I read a quote by President Uchtdorf in a devotional by my BYU Statistics professor, "Learn to see yourself as Heavenly Father sees you- as His precious daughter or son with divine potencial" It is importante that we see others as our Father in Heaven sees them and it is equally as importante to see ourselves as He sees us. And, I dont know about you, but that is the hardest part for me. So, I made a goal to see myself and treat myself as Heavenly Father sees me. I know He loves me and He has so much in store for me. And, He does for you too. I hope you love yourself like Heavenly Father loves you and I hope you have a beautiful week!  

Sister Keeler

Brazil: week 10- I've been out for 6... MONTHS!?!

Yeah, apparently I have 6 months on the mission....WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN??? Weird! You know what else is weird? It is almost my birthday and I am turning 20!!!!! Like, I wont be a kid anymore! What? 

Anyways, Transfers are this week and I am staying in Jau!!!!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!! I am litterally EXTREMELY excited to stay! I love it here! I dont know who my new companion is right now so we will find out!

So, we didnt really go out much this week because my companion was still sick with dengue. But, our wonderful President sent the Sister Training Leaders to help us for two days this week and that was awesome! What a blessing to have them! One sister stayed with my companion as I went out and worked with the other. We were able to visit a lot of people and also set a baptism date with J.! We also met this lady that was like " Hey, Ive seen a movie about missionaries! Its called "The Otherside of Heaven." WHAT!? So cool! I have no idea how she saw that movie because its not that popular, especially here. 

P.S. I have officially gotten to the point that I am litterally forgetting english and Portuguese sounds like english to me.....  so, I apologize for any random Portuguese words or my english makes no sense.... Just a warning for the next year.... :)

Sister Keeler

Brazil: Week 9 - Happy Easter and Dengue day...

Well, sadly, my companion has dengue. Dont as me what it is because all I know is that everyone and their dog has it here in Jau. She is super sick and has to stay in bed all day. Tadinha. (Dont worry, we are benig well taken care of). All ive got to say, is I have way too much time on my has because we have had to stay inside since last Wednesday.... So far I have read all of True to the Faith and I am almost finished with the all of the Doctrine and Covenants and the Book of Mormon. I have also watched all of the "District" and "Finding Faith in Christ" in English, French, Portuguese,  and some weird language that I thought was funny to listen too. 

Well, before all of this happened, we went to Barra Bonita with a recent convert last P-day and on Tuesday we had Multizona (CIVILIZATION!!!!!!!) Multizona is a huge conference in Piracicaba with 2 or more zones. And since Jau is soooooooooooooooooooo far away from EVERYTHING, it was so good to remember that there are actually other missionaries :) ha Our president talked a lot about how we can make our mission better by being better missionaires and representatives of Jesus Christ. Afterwards everyone was pumped to work even harder to bring this gospel to everyone!

Ive had some time to ponder these last couple days on my purpose as a missionary. Which is, to INVITE OTHER TO COME UNTO CHRIST BY HELPING THEM  RECEIVE THE RESTORED GOSPEL through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. When Christ was on the earth, He established His church, with 12 apostles, priesthood (the authority and power of God), ordinances like baptism by immersion, sacrament etc. When Jesus Christ and his apostles were killed the priesthood was no longer on the earth and teh doctrines and ordinances were corrupted. But, through Joseph Smith the fulness of the gospel has been restored! We have the same church that Christ established on the earth today! I know this is true. I know that this is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I know it with all my heart. this is why I paid to leave my family, friends, school adn other opportunities to come to Brazil, not knowing anyone or the language to share the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone. This is why over 83,000 youth of this church have done the same thing. To invited EVERYONE to come unto Christ. 

I love my Savior, Lord and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. I am so thankful for all he has done for me and all of you. 18 months is just a small portion of my time that I can give back to Him. 

Have a wonderful week adn I hope you had a wonderful Easter :)

Sister Keeler