Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sad News

Well, I received a call and then this email from my Stake President via the church missionary department....

Due to the current rate that visas are coming in for Brazil, it is necessary to change the MTC location for the following missionaries from the Brazil MTC to the Provo MTC on the same date.
In the event that a visa is received before the missionary’s report date, you will be contacted by the Missionary Department and the missionary will be rescheduled to attend the Brazil MTC as originally planned.

......which basically means after all the hard work I STILL don't have my visa so I will be staying in the USofA for a while unless a miracle happens. (Please pray for me and other visa waiters!) Talk about major bummer. 

So, what did I do when I found is out! I cried. Yup, I actually cried. Then I ate some delicious pumpkin cookies that I made the other day and watched a chick flick.

After five months of waiting, I really want my visa. Is that too much to ask?