Monday, August 4, 2014

Brazil: Week 18 - VIVA BRASIL!

Did ANYONE watch the Brasil vs. Chile game!??!?!?! OH MY GOODNESS! We were able to watch it (On many conditions of course).I have never screamed so much IN MY LIFE!!!!!! My companion and I were freaking out the WHOLE game! She even started crying! It was a good game! If you havent watched it, go repent, then watch it :) haha

Well, we went and saw E. this past friday and you know what the first thing he said? "WHERE HAVE YOU GUYS BEEN!" He is golden. We actually tried to go earlier but he was never home because he was getting things ready for his wedding. We asked when it was, IT WAS THE NEXT DAY!!!! It was the night before the wedding day and he invited us in for a lesson. Wow. He also invited us to the wedding! We couldnt go, but I am really proud to say that I got invited to a wedding :) hahah  Sadly, he is moving out of our area but we are going to get his address this week. 

We have been working really hard lately and we were able to have 6 lessons in one day! That is the first time THAT has ever happened! I also had another first! We are teaching a Jehovahs Witness! Also, she has never read the Bible! 

Oh! I also had yet another first! Our ward had a festa Junina (go look it up on Google). It is a holiday here and the festa was super fun! (it was really sad that we couldnt dance.....) The members brought a lot of friends that arent members and it was a great experience. There was also A TON of delicious food!! Oh my goodness! I will definitely miss the food here in Brasil!

Well, I hope you have a wonderful week! Thank you for your prayers and your support! Serving a mission is not easy but when I read your emails every week it helps me stay focused and feliz. I hope you have a miraculous week!  

Fica feliz! 

Sister Keeler

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