Monday, August 4, 2014

Brazil: Week 21 - Transfers again?

Wow. Every transfer, time goes by faster and faster! AH!!!

So, I have some surprising news..........I am staying here in Poços de Caldas with my SAME companion, Sister Gomes!!! Woohoo!! This will be the first time I actually stayed with a companion!

This week our bishop moved and now lives in the house above us. And, yes, we helped them move. I totally felt like an American Missionary!!! 

This week, our District Leader gave us some challenges and the first one was to talk to 12 women that are carring a baby. At first I was like what a weird challenge and where are we going to find these 12? Well, before we left the house, Sister Gomes and I prayed to find 12 women carrying a baby. Well, we walked out of our house and about 126 steps and you know what we saw? A woman with carring a baby. She also had another child with her and was carrying groceries. We asked her if she needed help and she was really relieved that we were there to help her. Well, we started to talk to her and she was like hey, could you come teach my family? So, we dropped off the groceries inside and gave a lesson. She is really interested. Definitely prepared by God. I know that miracles happen. I know that our leaders are inspired of God. I KNOW that God answers prayers. 

This week was the first week without interference by the world cup and let me just say, I love soccer and I love the world cup. But, I love God more and I love being able to teach the whole world about the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

This week we were able to find a lot of new investigators and I must say I think we have the most diverse investigators EVER! Its really cool and its so fun to teach different kinds of people with different types of backgrounds about the gospel.

I am so glad to be a missionary. I just reliezed that this transfer is officially the middle of my mission. It is seriously flying by. But, thats why I am trying to make EVERY moment count. I hope everyone has a miraculous week and know that your Heavenly Father loves you. Very much.

Sister Keeler

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