Monday, February 17, 2014

BRAZIL!!: week 1 - finally here! WOOT WOOT!


The first day here, we went over to this families house and their little kid started talking to me and he just kept going and going and going. And, I was soooo confused and the only thing that was going through my head was, `` I feel like he is trying to speak to me!`` (from Finding Nemo)

Well, I am in a city called Americana which I thought was pretty funny because I was the ONLY American that was a new missionary this transfer. My companion is Sister Moraes and she is amazing! I love her! She is Brazilian (from The state, Espirito Santo) and she knows ABSOLUTELY NO ENGLISH!!! Which makes things so fun! I never knew that my epic charades skills would be of such use in my life! :)  hahah
Anyways, everyone stares at me, I mean EVERYONE! This guy almost got in a car accident because he was staring at me! hahahah. I am pretty darn sure that everyone stares because I look completely American (someone said I look like a doll. I'm taking that as a compliment!:)), which they don't have in the city of Americana.............Anyways! the people are so nice here! They just smile when I speak to them in Portuguese even though I know they probably don't understand me! haha But, Its getting better! I have found 3 people in the ward that speak English and they help me a lot with my Portuguese pronunciation and answer my questions. And, my new best friend is my dictionary! I have used it so much that its starting to fall apart :( Hopefully, soon I wont need to use it as much!

The first night here was so hot! Coming from -30 degrees to 90s was not my idea of fun. I think I sweated off 20 lbs that night. But, now I'm used to the weather and It is not too hot here. I actually love the weather! its high 80s and low 90s but when it rains its low 80s! LOVE IT! I haven´t gotten sunburned because I put on so much suntan lotion and everyone gives me suntan lotion because I am so white!!! Haha I have been here for 6 days and I already have 5 containers of sun tan lotion :) haha

OH! I almost forgot! (Probably because I am trying to forget the two worse days of my life.....) But, I started traveling Monday morning at 6 am and didn´t arrive in Americana until Tuesday at 7pm......I was so flippin´ tired and exhausted and my head just hurt from all the Portuguese... I think I only slept like a total of 4 hours Monday night because the Brazilian guy next to me just kept talking and talking! But, anyways, I made it here safe and I love it! maybe a little too much :) The views are spectacular and the food is AMAZING!!!! Except for Papayas,... that's the only thing that I don't like so far.
I am almost out of time but I will tell more next week! I love you all so much!!!!!!!!!! :D


Sister Keeler
Got to meet with the mission president and his wife

So, you have to send mail to the mission home and sadly, we only can receive mail when we kind of sucks. But, I guess it doesn´t really matter because mail takes so long to get here... but here is my address. AND I LOVE TO GET MAIL!!! :D ( I will try sending replies but they cost like 3 dollars...)

Brazil Piracicaba Mission
Av. Dr. Paulo de Morais, 555
13400-853 Piracicaba - SP