Monday, October 6, 2014

Brasil: Week 31 - A woman's touch

The quote of the week was Sister Davis who looked at me after we prayed one morning and was like.....Sister Keeler, my hair was NOT in a braid when I went to bed last night..... HAHHAHAHAHH I HAVE NEVER LAUGHED SO HARD AT 6. 30 AM. That my friends, is pure talent!

Well, I will start with the good news. WE HAD A BAPTISM!!!!! AHHHH!!! WHOOOOHSDOFISADOFIASDFOIU!!!!! I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!! It was a crazy experience but really good. Saturday night we went to the Talent show a bit early to fill up the font but guess what? There was ABSOLUTELY NO water in the church building!!! I started to freak out a bit.... We told the bishop and the secretary and they were like, Sister, calm down. We will fix this. We are going to have a baptism tomorrow no matter what. Well, Sunday morning we arrived in church and I am STILL freaking out (inside of course) we step into the church and we see like a BILLION hoses! Our ward secretary went to church early with a ton of hoses and used water from a apartment building next door to fill up the font!!!!! Yep, he deserves the Member of the Year award!!! When Bispo announced that Gabriel was getting baptized (remember, it was a surprise) his parents like FLIPPED OUT! They looked over at him and he just shrugged. It was PERFECT! After Gabriel got baptized we asked him to bare his testimony and he talked about how he had been taught by many different (and REALLY GOOD) Elders for over a YEAR! He said that they never convinced him......(I cant believe he said this next part....) He said I guess the only thing I needed was a womans touch! hahahahah I am so happy that he was baptized and now the whole family can get sealed in the temple. It is seriously the most bestest feeling ever!!!

We have two other investigators, H. and E. that are just amazing! They have been coming to church regularly and our lessons with them just blow my mind! This week we talked about the Holy Ghost and we asked them when they feel closest to God. There was a pause in the room. Then E. said, you know, I feel closest to God when I am here in lessons with you guys. Wow. Then H. said about the same thing, that ever since we started visiting her every week that everything has been going really well. She said after months she finally found a job, a really good one, and all of her prayers and questions have been answered. Wow. Talk about major blessings when you do what is right!!!!

This past Sunday was Ward Conference and the Bishop made a goal for everyone to bring one friend to church. (Best idea EVER!) We had 20 more people there on Sunday then we usually do. it was a great sight to see. This Ward is incredible! 

I hope you all have a most wonderful week ever!! WATCH GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!

P.S someone called me and my companion Satanists.....that has never happened to me before.... it was really weird. Like, do you realize that our church is called the Church of JESUS CHRIST???

P.S. We also talked to someone that is convinced that Jesus is an Alien..... well, then.

Sister Keeler


We are missionaries of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.

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