Sunday, October 5, 2014


I learned a new english word this week because of my American companion that actually remembers English. Sibling is when it is your brother or Sister but nibling is when its your nephew or neice! Weird, huh? hahah

Anyways, speaking about english. We had our english class this week and I learned two things
1. I was NOT born to be a teacher
2. When I say I dont remember english, I am NOT kiddding. It was an hour of "lets laugh at sister Keeler because she forgot her native language" hahaha
There were not a lot of people there for the class but two of our investigators came so that was pretty sweet!!! I hope more people come with time. It was really fun and the people that did come said they learned a lot. (The non member guy that actually requested for our english class wasnt even there! but he came to church on sunday and said he would remember to come this week)

Well, this week I got sick with some kind of virus and had to go to the doctor. First time in my whole mission! People have always said that I am stubborn..... well, yesterday I finally realized that these peopel are right. I didnt feel very well after lunch but since I had to stay home one day already because I was sick I insisted in leaving to go visit people. Well, lets just say my body wasnt too happy with my stubbornism. We would go to a house, and before we knocked I would throw up... what a great present, neh? hahah I was throwing up all afternoon in the road but I DID NOT want to go home. In fim, we taught a bunch of lessons and it was a good day :) hahah and dont worry, I did not throw up in anyones house!!! ha

I heard a new church this week "bola de neve" aka ball of snow. I have yet to find out what they believe but when I do, I will tell you about it!

Well, I have decided to use my last couple minutes to send pictures. So next week I will send a longer email!

I hope you have the most blessed week ever!!

P.S. as of this week, all of my "moms" of the mission are home. Weird! 
Sister Keeler

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