Sunday, October 5, 2014

Brasil: Week 29 - Would you like toppings on your pizza?

Well, I might not be a good English teacher but i am a pretty good English Translator! This past week I met this older couple from Lehi, Utah that is teaching english here in Po├žos De Caldas. They are seriously the first Americans that I have seen in 7 months. That was really weird...... Anyways, they went to Stake Conference with us and since they know absolutely no Portuguese I offered to translate for them. (Thank goodness I have had experience with translating in sign language!!) Translating is definitely is a lot easier in Sign language because you can actually keep listening as you "talk" But, I think it went really well! I did the whole 2 hours of Stake Conference (I had a headache afterwards :) and they said that I did really well translating for the first time! Woohoo!

We also had our mission tour this week and Elder Antunes came and spoke to us. He spoke about things that I needed to hear. Cool how that happens, right? Side note: I was asked to be the chorister and everyone commented on how well (I honestly think there is no such thing as a bad chorister....) and powerful my conducting was. hahahah All I was thinking was, thanks to being a Drum Major!

During Stake Conference and the mission tour, I have been thinking and learning a lot about prayer. Isnt it amazing that we have an opportunity to talk to our Father in Heaven anytime that we want? I think sometimes we take it for granite and our prayers become robotish and short "orders". In Preach My Gospel it talks about how sometimes our prayers are like ordering a pizza. You "call" and "order" and wait for the pizza to arrive. Elder Lima talked about praying for things and people specifically. When we pray specifically, we will get specific answers. Then, after we pray we need to go and do! He also talked about asking the missionaries who you can pray for and how to help (because lets be honest, sometimes members dont know ANYTHING about the missionary work in their ward and missionaries are afraid to ask for help). I love praying and I love getting to know my Father in Heaven better through prayer and knowing what He wants and needs me to do and become. I encourage you all to pray more fervently and more specifically. I know that it will bless your life more than you can imagine. You will feel the love God has for you, His child, more than ever before. 

I hope that all of you have a wonderful week doing the work of the Lord. 

Sister Keeler

I may need some duct tape... haha(:

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