Sunday, October 5, 2014

Brasil: Week 27 - Comic relief from the coolest mission in el mundo

Well, transfers are this week and I am finally staying in the SAME area with the SAME companion! WOOHOOO!! (I am going to knock on some wood right now...... :) Last time this happened, I had an emergency transfer. ha! I am super excited for this transfer especially because I am going to live with just americans!!! hahah So, of course with 4 Americans we HAVE to have an english class. Ha. But, really. We are starting an english class. I am SO excited!!! I hope it goes welll...... I dont remember english at all.
This week definitely was a trunky week! Sister Bispo (who was one of the 4 sisters in our house) went home this week and an Elder from our ward here came home from his mission in Fortaleza Brasil. It was such a weird week because I was thinking so much of how it would be to "go home". And, I have decided that the best thing to do is to never go home :) I will be a missionary forever! Ha. But seriously. I never want to leave Brasil or the mission. Sorry mom!
Because you all need comic relief I will tell you a story of the coolest district in the world, Po├žos de Caldas. One of the Sisters in our district heard it was the birthday of our wonderful District leader. So, because we are a district of only sisters and we are the best ever, we decided to SECRETLY bring a cake and hot chocolate (its winter here) and a birthday card to district meeting this past week. After district meeting we brought out the cake singing happy birthday (in Portuguese of course) as LOUD as we could! Our distrtict leader was seriously SO surprised! It was great! But, then, when we finished singing he just looked at us and was like " thanks you guys... but my birthday is after Christmas..." oh my goodness! we all lost it! We couldnt believe it! We were laughing so hard! haha Aparently he had his MISSION 1 year anniversary this week..... not a birthday. But, we all had a really good laugh and ate wonderful  cake. hahah
We taught this really old lady this week and she was the cutest thing ever! When we said that we were going to say a prayer she was like, I dont know how! Do we need to stand? Do we need to go to the other room? She was so nervous. So, I explained how to pray then I told her to fold her arms and close her eyes. Well, she proceeded to TRY to fold her arms but she couldnt do it! hahah she was so confused how to fold her arms. Man. It was the cutest and humbling experience ever. Dont worry, I helped her to fold her arms :)
We had a pass-a-long card activity this week with our ward. And it was really cool! All the members that came got into groups of 2 or 3 and we taught them how to give someone a pass-a-long card then sent them out close to the church to make contacts for an hour. Everyone LOVED it! It was a really simple activity but it made me think of how easy member missionary work is! Just simply giving someone a pass-a-long card can change someones life more than you think!
I am so thankful to be a missionary. Especially here in the beautiful and blessed land of Brasil. I hope you have a wonderful week!!!! 

Sister Keeler

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