Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Brasil: week 45 - FAMILY!!

So, this week I got to skype my family (BEST THING IN THE WORLD!!!!) and they asked if it was hot and I said not really. I now TAKE THAT BACK! The day after Christmas (Also known as boxing day) was so FLIPPING HOT it wasnt even funny. Like I seriously think it was 300 degrees. okay, maybe that is exagerating a bit.... but it has been really hot lately that now I am taking cold showers.....

This week was christmas, but here in Brasil New Years is a bigger thing. They just have a ton of food for Christmas. I am not even joking! I had 3 dinners Christmas Eve. I dont even know how I ate that much! hahah I am DEFINITELY going on a diet now! But, it was a really great christmas especially because I got to skype my family! (well, My parents, Ben, Rachel and Chris) Most stressfull moment of my life because I thought my parents forgot me! I was trying for an HOUR to skype my family but nothing! There were a ton of members trying to help me call them, email, etc so I could get a hold of my family( thanks to my companions family!). In the end it all worked out but I was really stressed out.

It has kind of been hard to work this week because of all of the holidays. But, the other day we were knocking on doors and being rejected like usual and I looked at this one house and I had the feelings to knock on this one door and right as I was about to tell my companion, she looked at me and was like we need to knock on that door. We offered a prayer to bless her home and she let us in! And, she told us that a lot of bad things were happening to her and just a couple days ago she was talkign to her husband how she needed a blessing or something to help her. It was a really cool faith building expérience. Heavenly Father really does answer our prayers and knows the best way how to help us. We had been praying to find families to teach and she was prayering for a blessing. Both of our prayers were answered.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Fun fact: There is a Crayola factory here in Sao Carlos but everything is shipped to the U.S. (I have never seen Crayola here) They said that the material that isnt "Perfect" stays here but is packaged as the brand Faber-castell which is owned by Crayola. Cool, huh}

P.S. The day after christmas JW knocked on our door! First time that has ever happened in my life! We had a good talk :)
Sister Keeler

Merry Christmas!! (Charlie Brown Christmas tree FTW!!)

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