Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Brasil: week 43 - Pisca, Pisca

Pisca-Pisca is what you call christmas lights in Portuguese. Translation? Blink-Blink. :)

Me and my companion have gone crazy with this Christmas caroling thing. We sing to EVERYONE! But, its a lot of fun and brings the christmas cheer. This past Saturday we had planned to go to the plaza with our whole zone and sing christmas songs and talk with people. Well, we woke up to it POURING outside. We worked ALL DAY in the pouring rain. I was really wet. Well, we decided to say a prayer. Let me just say, prayers are powerful. We walked all the way to the plaza in the pouring rain but right as we got there it completely stopped! It did not rain one single drop until it was time to go. Right as we left it started pouring again. God answers prayers.

We went Christmas Caroling the other night and we sang for this young family and the mother started crying! They were so greatful for us and was like can you please come back again? OF COURSE!!!!

A member from another ward invited us to help teach his last day of english class (They are all College students). It was really fun! I felt like one of the students trying to learn english! haha. We helped them hold a conversation then he gave us time to share a message. We shared a message about "He is the Gift" ( and the spirit was really strong. It was so weird teaching in english, though. My missionary mind only works in Portuguese. After the message he gave his class time to ask questions and man, they asked some good questions! It was really fun! That will probably be the only time that I ever teach a lesson in English here in Brazil. Afterwards some of the students gave us their address to come visit them and teach more. The member told us afterward that he has been doing this for a while, inviting the missionaries to his last class, and we are the first missionaries to get addresses from people. WOOHOO!!!!

I hope you have a merry week!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Keeler

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