Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Brasil: week 42 - Christ IS the gift

So, lets start out with the funny thing that happened this week. We decided to go caroling in this really rich part of our area. Well, the first house we went to the guy didnt want to come out and wanted us to sing through the interfone! So, I started singing.... Then my beloved companion starts laughing like crazy! (Because it was extremely awkward just singing to a wall) So she LEAVES me there singing (more laughing than singing) ALONE!!! hahah I honestly do not know how I sang that whole song because I was laughing so hard!! But, at the end the guy was SOOOO thankful! Man. I dont think I have laughed so hard in my LIFE!

Let me just tell you. This week was AMAZING! Extremely exhausting but seriously the best week of my life! This week so many miracles happened it was unreal!

1. We met R. a 14 year old son of a less active on Sunday and taught about faith repentance, baptism etc. Then went back on Wednesday and we asked him if he read the pamplet and he was like "Yes, and I said a prayer like you asked me. I asked forgiveness of all my sins. My prayer was really long but I feel like I have been forgiven, I couldnt stop crying." We then asked him what he should do now. and he was like, "the next step is baptism. I want to get baptized as soon as possible" Wow. That was seriously the coolest lesson I have ever taught. Actually, we didnt really teach much because he taught it all himself. He is making that change in his life and he even asked if he could bring a friend to the next lesson! Some people are just ready.

2. We met this old lady my first week here and she had a lot of questions about the Plan of Salvation. Well, we left a pamphlet and said we would come back. Went back the next day and she believes in like NOTHING! Only that God exists. She read the pamphlet and said that it was all surreal and just bible bashed us. Welll!!!! We left a Book of Mormon and told her to read. We went back 2 days later and she read a TON and she didnt bible bash and was more open to listening to us. I have a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and how it changes people. Seriously, I cant even explain to you how much she changed in 2 days. Its incredible! She is definitely being converted, little by little and gaining more faith.

3. We found this lady in the street the other week and she said that we could visit her so we did nad we found out that her daughter died at the begining of this year. We taught the Plan of Salvation and the spirit was REALLY strong. She even started bawling. I even almost started crying! Well, we invited her to church and when we went by to pick her up yesterday, she was out front in a dress waiting for us! She LOVED church and was tearing up a lot! 

4. Talking about church, 14 investigators came to church! YUP! 14!!!! God is good! We worked so hard this week adn he truly blessed us! I couldnt believe it. It just ended our miraculous week with another miracle!

5. There is this lady that works at a restaurant in the centro that we go to every week. We always talk to her because she wants to practice her english. We have already invited her to church and to hear our messages. Everything. She never seemed interested. Well, when we went caroling Saturday night, there was this house (more like MANSION!) that looked like no one was home and I was like, lets just knock anyways. Well, guess who opened the door} THAT WOMAN FROM THE RESTAURANT!! She was SOO happy to see us! She let us inside and she was like "I cant believe you are here! I have been needing and thinking about you. I even dreamed about you two!" She started bawling right in front of us because she didnt know that God would answer her prayers so quickly.

These are only some of the miracles that happened because I dont have time to write them all. (Dont worry dad, I wrote them in my journal). But, I can testify that God hears and answers prayers. There are no such things as coincidences. He put us in that neighborhood on that certain street because He KNEW that His beloved daughter needed us. I know that God knows us personally and just like our earthly father, He cares about us very much. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week. Preparing for christmas. And, while you are free. Check out this really cool website and remember that Christ is the gift of Christmas.

P.S.Shout out to the fam! I had my first Leadership meething this week and it was all about eternal families. Well, they asked the families of all the leaders in the mission to send a video and they played them all at the end of the meeting. (the whole room was crying. It was the COOLEST idea ever!)I would like to thank my family for sending me that video. I LOVED it!!! I cried through the whole thing! I really do love you guys and miss you like crazy! I was SO happy to see the whole crew. Everyone said that I am exact reflection (personality wise) of my family. hahah 

Sister Aubrey Keeler
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Sister Keeler

Remember when I was on the front page of the BYU newspaper} It was about an article being stressed and everyone asked me if I was stressed. Well, now I am kind of stressed so I decided to take a flash back picture! :) 

The other one if of just a sign in the center here in Sao Carlos :) 
Sister Keeler

Yeah, that's right, I'm gorgeous (;   (this was said by Rachel Keeler)

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