Monday, December 1, 2014

Brasil: Week 34 - Because of Him

We had Multizona this week. Wow. It was really good. The spirit was really strong during the whole meeting! Our Assistants talked about recognizing the Spirit in our lives. (Becuase if we cant recognize how the spirit talks to us, how are we going to help others?) And, they showed this new (okay.... maybe its not new but its new to me!) video called "Becuase of Him" It is a really powerful video. I HIGHLY recommend you watch it. Right now :)

President Canuto talked about a lot of things but I especially liked when he talked about the difference between dreams and desires. Everyone can dream, you can be a couch potato and have dreams to one day rule the world but what is harder is to have the desire. Becuase, with desire, you need to ACT! He talked about our desires as missionaries and how we are going to achieve those desires. One of my desires is to be the Sister Keeler that God wants and knows I can become. What are your desires?

I am going to be a witness for a wedding!! Wooho!!! How cool is THAT? Our investigators are getting married and they asked us to be the witnesses. I know nothing about getting married but I was SO in! We went to some government building to declare that they are getting married and set a wedding date so we had to sign a bunch of papers. I felt really special. The lady was like, wow. I have never had a wedding where one of the witnesses is an American! Yes, wedding of the year!

We had a miracle happen on Saturday. We had stake conference that we had to attend, so we didnt have a full day to work. The rule in our mission is that we need to have at least 5 lessons per day and 100 contacts per week. Well, it was about 15 minutes until we had to catch our ride and it was raining and NO ONE was answering the door..... We started walking to the house of the irmã that would take us to Stake Confrence, only needing one more lesson and one more contact. I looked at this house on our left and I was like, Sister, THIS IS THE HOUSE. Well, I knocked one answered....I started walking away when this old lady yelled out the window to us! I started talking to her and she let us in to have a quick lesson with her! And she told us to come back next week! Miracles do happen people! Even if they are as small as that little old lady we taught:) 

I hope you have a wonderful week!

P.S. One of our investigators that has been taught by Elders and Sisters told us that he definitely likes Sisters better. SCORE!!! 

Sister Keeler

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