Monday, December 1, 2014

Brasil: Week 35 - Thy FAITH hath saved thee

Well, we had Halloween this week. And, if any of you know me, you know that Halloween is my favorite holiday of ALL TIME!!! Well, two things #1. Halloween does not exist here in Brasil #2. Sister Keeler completely forgot that it existed..... So, nothing special happened :/

We teach one of our investigators every morning. I teach him english and then we have a lesson. Well, on Saturday, he brought out cereal and milk for me to eat for breakfast because that is what we have in the U.S. Its was really nice. And I realized that its been a REALLY LONG TIME since I have had cereal! 

We had an activity Saturday about Family History. The church was open for everyone and there were a bunch of computers to research about your families and get help from the family history consultants. It was really cool! Sister Bastos and I were receptionist so we didnt get to do any Family History stuff. But I did learn a lot. I am excited to go home and continue the family search that my Dad and I started!

In PrincĂ­pios do Evangelho we had a lesson about eternal marraige and the fiance of the couple that we are teaching talked about how he is so thankful for the gospel in his life and how it has truly blessed his family and has changed them and helped them become closer togehter and how he is so happy to become an eternal family. When he was talking about his family, man it made me SO happy that I couldn't stop smiling! 

I know that more things happened this week but honestly, the weeks are going by so fast that I cant even keep track! Like seriuosly! The days just mix together! Probably its because I always wear a skirt.......

I was reading about miracles this week in the New Testament and there was a really cool thing I noticed that was different in Portuguese from English. When Jesus says, thy faith has made thee whole. In Portuguese it says thy faith has saved thee. Pretty cool, huh? I have never thought of it like that! 

Have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Keeler

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