Monday, December 1, 2014

Brasil: week 36 - The Holy Ghost testifies Truth

You are never going to guess who I met! Really, you are never going to guess... A Deaf person! We went to teach on of our investigators and her brother was there who is deaf and only speaks Libras (which is Brazilian sign language)! I dont know how but I understood what he was saying I just didnt know how to respond. (My companion was completely confused) He really wnated to hear our message but since we dont speak Libras he left. BUT! I promised him before he left that I would learn Libras and in one week be able to speak to him and teach him the gospel........Our lesson is tomorrow. I really hope I remember all of the signs becuase its COMPLETELY different from ASL. My brain goes crazy when I try to study because I translate the word into Portuguese and then English so every sign I do, I translate it 2 times in my head. Oh baby. Please pray for me! haha

Every Missionary needs a dog story. Well, mine isnt THAT cool but at least I finally have one! I was walking, obviously. and this dog that I thought was sleeping woke up and decided to attack me! (I dont think he likes Americans because he didnt even look at Sister Bastos) Good thing I carry the Word of God, The Book of Mormon, in my hands because it was really easy to just wack him. And he went back to sleep. The end. :) 

We met a lady at the Family History activity we had and she was really interested. Well, we went to her house on Friday and she is GOLDEN! We were having a FHE for all of our investigators that same night and she went! THEN she went to church all by herself! She absolutely loves the people in our ward and especially loves the gospel and the atmosphere. Also, at the FHE one of our investigators that I have been teaching English came and he said the coolest thing after our message. (We showed the "Gra├žas a Ele" video) After the film he turned to me and was like, Sister Keeler, I feel like I am going to cry but not because I am sad but because of this feeling that I have in my chest. It feels like my heart is really big and warm and I dont know how to describe how I am feeling but it feels so good! Wow. I almost cried. I explained to him that it was the Holy Ghost that testifies of the truth. etc. He was like, I love this feeling! I looked at him and was like, I do too. Thats why I am so thankful that I have the privilege to have him as a constant companion. 

I am really so thankful for the gift of the Holy Ghost. I feel him every day and I think sometimes I take it for grantite that I have this wonderful gift. But, I love that as a missionary I can help people receive it too. Its the greatest feeling to help others and share with them the joy and blessings I receive from being a member of Christs church. 

I hope you have a great week! LOVE YOU!

P.S. If you want to send me anything for Christmas like a card, letter, chocolate, presents, more sunscreen etc. I would advise you to send it now to be able to get to me in time. Or else it will become a valentines gift :) haha
Sister Keeler

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