Monday, December 1, 2014

Brasil: Week 41 - Be true to your dreams

We went to teach one of our investigators and her husband started talking about reasons not to get married (I think he was drunk...) Then he looked at me and was like "olha! Ela tem uma cara como, casar ou bicicleta?" (Look! She has a face like, marry or a bicycle?) Like, what kind of hard decision is that? Should I get married or buy a bike? We were laughing so hard! I couldnt stop!

So, we are basically like opening the area here, which means a lot of knocking on doors. We knocked on doors for about 3 hours everyday (In the rain of course!!! It aways has to be more dramatic!) and only one person would let us in. I totally felt like a European missionary! (Elder Bascom, is this how everyday is for you?) But, one thing I have learned and thought about this week is the quote that goes something like, "Be patient. The blessings of Eternal life will come. Everytime I have a hard day or week I know that I just need to be patient because the blessings will come. Yesterday, at the end of this hard week we found like young man that is extremely excited to be baptized. It was incredible. I know that God ALWAYS blesses us when we are obedient and He is always watching. Just be patient. 

This week I start going on splits with the other sisters and we have a leader conference tomorrow! ahhh!! Getting a little stressed! 

I love you all and hope you have a fantastical week!

"Seja fiel aos seus sonhos" --> "Be true to your dreams"

(My Zone Leader said this and I just loved it. Great advice!)

Sister Keeler

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