Monday, April 6, 2015

Brasil: Week 56 - Conference

So, I found out Monday night (9pm) that I would be transfered (the next day) to Sao Joao Da Boa Vista!!!! I have already passed through this city a couple times because it is really close to where I served in Po├žos de Caldas and honestly I never found the Boa Vista.....until YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!! On the otherside of the city there is this beautiful view of mountains!!!! So, I take back when I said that this city didnt have a view:)

My new and last companion is Sister Pontelli from Argentina!!!! She is really cool and she speaks english! Which I didnt know until i noticed that she says english frases sometimes, but really quietly. 

Since it took 2 days to get here and we also had General conference we didnt have a lot of time to work in our area this week but we did have a really cool experience! I looked through some of the old investigators and picked a few names and we went to the first one and had an amazing lesson! She said that just the day before she had been thinking of the missionaries and why the never came back and then we came!!!! woohoo!!! She bore her testimony of how she knows that the church is true and she loves going to church because she feels so good. Then I asked her what she should do now. and she was like, I dont know! Then I invited her to be baptize and she accepted! 

I absolutely LOVED conference! I had all of my questions answered! Even ones that I didnt even know I had! I watched the whole thing in Portuguese and I felt SO proud that I understood everything and didnt fall asleep! 

I wanted to know what was your favorite part of conference?

Have a great week!

P.S. Dont send any letters because they wont get here in time!
Sister Keeler

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