Monday, April 20, 2015

Brasil: Week 58 - Last Week

So, this week is officially my last full week working as a missionary. Weird, huh? I cant believe its come to an end! I feel like I have been here for ages but at the same time I feel like its only been a couple weeks. Last Tuesday I had my last multizona where I gave my last testimony. And, surprisingly, I didnt cry! I think it was either 1, because I tried REALLY hard not to cry or 2. it doesnt even feel like I am leaving. wow. My body is seriously starting to break down. I have to walk slow sometimes because I am just too tired. I think thats what I get for going turbo speed my whole mission :) 

Sorry, this is a really short email. We had less time on the internet this week because we took a trip to Po├žos! But Have a great week and keep on keeping on!!

Te amo! Saudades!
Sister Keeler

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