Monday, April 27, 2015

Brasil: Week 59 - Homewardbound

So, this week did not go as I thought it would..... I had to stay inside all week taking care of my extremely sick companion. She got sick with dengue and thankfully is a lot better now.
To honor my last email as a missionary, I wrote down 15 things that I learned during my mission (of course I have more than just eighteen but I narrowed it down to 15.)

1. I learned how to feel Gods love that He has for ALL of his children
2. not to be afraid of anything 
3. what faith really means and how it can change lives
4. how to really pray
5. real patience
6. how to be confident in myself
7. how to really study the scriptures
8. trust in the Lord in ALL things
9. importance and sacredness and enabling power of the sacrament
10. the meaning of charity
11. real happiness
12. how the gospel of Jesus Christ blesses lives
13. power of the priesthood
14. how God speaks to me
15. how to be the person that Gods knows i can be

Te amo! 

Sister Keeler

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