Monday, March 30, 2015

Brasil: Week 55 - Keeler

So, my District Leader found out why a ton of my companions have gotten sick.... because my last name is Keeler. ha.....ha.... For those of you that arent brasilian, when you say Keeler and Killer it sounds the same to non-english speakers. THerefore, my nickname is Sister Serial Killer. Yes, that is what I call a PERFECT nickname for a representative of Jesus Christ :)

This Sunday we had the "Sunday that no one missed". and we challenged everyone to bring a friend, member or nonmember (sadly, a lot of people werent there....) But, we had 88 people! I have been here for 6 months and that is the first time EVER that we have had that many people in church! I wanted to cry because I was so happy! This lady has 3 sons (that are all married with children) that havent been to church in YEARS and they came yesterday! It was a miracle!!

We had the opportunity to watch the General womens conference this weekend and it was AMAZING!! My favorite part was the video where they sang "The Family is of God"
Our Father has a family. It’s me!
It’s you, all others too: we are His children.
He sent each one of us to earth, through birth,
To live and learn here in fam’lies.
2. A father’s place is to preside, provide,
To love and teach the gospel to his children.
A father leads in fam’ly prayer to share
Their love for Father in Heaven.
3. A mother’s purpose is to care, prepare,
To nurture and to strengthen all her children.
She teaches children to obey, to pray,
To love and serve in the fam’ly.
4. I’ll love and serve my family and be
A good example to each fam’ly member.
And when I am a mom or dad, so glad,
I’ll help my fam’ly remember:
God gave us families to help us become what He wants us to be—
This is how He shares His love, for the fam’ly is of God. 

I absolutely LOVE this song!!!!!! The words are so beautiful and it makes me cry everytime I hear it because I am reminded of the wonderful family that God gave to me. Being away from my family for a year and a half here in Brasil has made me value my family more than ever. I am so greatful for them. I am so greatful for the support they give me, the prayers, the love, but most importantly, helping me become the daughter of God that He wants me to be. I would not be the person I am today with out my family (especially my Parents) I love you sooooo much :)

For those of you that dont know or forgot, this week is GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! ITS THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEARRRRRR!!!!!!! You NEED to watch it because the Prophet is going to speak to the whole world! how can you miss that!!!!

I love you all and I hope you have a great week!!!! 

P.S. For those of you keeping track. Today is transfer day but we wont find out what happens until 8:30. I am dying here!!!!!! #lasttransfer


P.S. For the first time ever, our mission baptized 100 people this month!!!!!! 100 almas à Cristo!
Sister Keeler

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