Monday, April 13, 2015

Brasil: Week 57 - I've Changed

The other day we visited this less active that has started to take the JW lessons and she was
talking nonspot about things that did not make sense and about how she is so confused with all of this contrary doctrine in her head. I listened.....and listened... and as i was listening i was praying, asking heavenly father to help me know what to say. At that exact moment the spirit told me exactly what i needed to do and i did it. I did something that I would never even think of doing before my mission.

I cut her off, told her to go get her book of mormon, marked 5 chapters that she needed to read and told her with an extremely firm voice in the clearest way possible the basics of the gospel. God is our Heavenly Father. He has a son, Jesus Crist, who is our Savior. All other doctrine is wrong etc. the whole time she didnt even blink..... neither did my companion! ha. I ended the lesson and said a kneeling prayer. and then we left. Afterwards my companion was like, wow. that was incredible. you are a really good missionary. I laughed and then looked at her and said, that wasnt me. that was completely the spirit. I would never have done something so bold in my entire life. 

That is when I relized that I have changed. I have truly changed who I am as a person. I am not the same person that I was before I came to Brasil. I am different. A lot more confident. Not scared of doing anything. and definitely, a lot more in tune with the spirit. little by little my will has become closer to Heavenly Fathers will and because of this I am a little closer to the person He needs and knows I can be. 

One of the things that I wanted to have happen on my mission was to change and to notice the change and to also know how i can change after my missoin. I have definitely changed and finally, I know exactly how I can continue changing which is the most important part.

I love the mission but I know now, that I am ready to come home. I have done what He needed me to do, now He has other plans for me. 

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Sister Keeler

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