Monday, March 24, 2014

BRAZIL: Week 6 - DUH DUN DAAAAA! Transfers....

First of all, before I forget. IM BEING TRANSFERED! to Lago Silverio! (in the city of Jau) My new companion is American and her name is Sister Kimbrell (I THINK thats what my zone leader said.......) Keeler and Kimbrell...... An American in Americana...... Very funny President. :) 

Sister Moraes and I had a great, little hectic, last week together. First off, we found some of our 'missing" investigators. Heavenly Father knows all, and he knows how to put us in a place
                                                               Baptism of E!
Spot the three americans! haha(:
p.s. elders are awful at taking pictures


my companion and I

at exactly the right moment. We went to teach D. in the plaza and low and behold there was N. and R.!!!! They dont know their new address but they gave us the best directions they could and said they would be in the plaza couple times a week. Our lessons with D. are always so fun! We speak in Portuguese, a member in the ward from Haiti speaks Criole, and we read scriptures in French! He had some really great questions and committed to baptism! I am sad that I wont be here when he does get baptized. 

We went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders which was so fun! I absolutely love exhanges! Sadly, while I was having a great time learning, talking, and giving this really funny Brasilian an american quarter (which she thought was the coolest thing in the world) Sister Moraes was having a panic attack. The baptism of E. was supposed to be on Friday but they called Thursday afternoon and said that they needed to do it that night because they are going on vacation. BUT! Everything worked out and we had the baptism! And, her father was able to baptize her! 

We also had a missionary fireside this weekend. Everyone wore their name plaques (We invited the whole stake) and we had testimonies by young men waiting for their call and a couple RMs then there were a couple special hymns sung by all of the missionaries in our stake (accompanied by yours truly) and then President Canuto gave a talk. It was really cool and it really changed the perspective of missionary work in our stake. EVERY MEMBER a missionary!

I hope you have a "muito legal" week!
Sister Keeler

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