Monday, March 3, 2014

Brazil: Week 2 - Canandian instincts!

Our area is extremely big and Sister Moraes is HORRIBLE with directions so we have to ask so many people where things are.....So, we got a map!!!! This whole week we never had to ask for directions! WOOHOOO!!! Once I know where North is, my Canadian instincts come out! :)

On our 30 minute walk to church yesterday, we saw 15 toucans! 15! How flippin´cool! Sister Moraes was like they dont have toucans in the U.S.?? Ha! I WISH!!!!! They are beautiful birds!

I also had my first churrasco this week and it was delicious!!!!! Better than Toucanos! I absolutely LOVE the food here!!!! (By the way readers, Aubrey absolutely LOVES toucanos so the food must be pretty amazing!)

Portuguese is coming along, not as fast as I would like, but I am just really impatient. We ate lunch with a member that knows english and wanted to practice with me! (woohoo!!) She also wanted me to teach her how to do a British Accent! It was so funny trying to explain  british accent and then hearing her try! 

I had another cool experience with languages, we have 3 investigators from Haiti and 2 (N. and R. of them speak Spanish, Criole, and French. So, we would teach them in Portuguese and they would talk in Spanish and if they didnt understand something they would ask the member that we brought that would explain in Criole (He is also from haiti). It was a really cool to be able to understand them! (N. said the closing prayer in French :) The other Haitian only speaks French and Criole, and a little bit of Portuguese and English. So, I taught him in Portuglish! The great thing was, they all came to church on Sunday! Hopefully they understood better than I do. Man, by the time Saturday and Sunday comes around my brain is COMPLETELY DEAD! ha. 

We also had the opportunity to go visit some less actives Friday night. Two wonderful ladies in our ward P. and A. both work but once a week they make some sort of dessert and visit as many less actives they can and share a quick spiritual thought. And, they bring us along sometimes because a lot of the less actives have husband/kids that aren´t baptized. They are amazing and such great examples. Even though they both work, both have families to take care of, both have a child on a mission, they still find time in their busy schedule to serve and help others. What they do might not seem like much but it has softened a lot of hearts and changed peoples lives. Missionaries can´t do everything alone. The work of Salvation will not move forward with missionaries alone, we need the members too. Try to think of ways you could serve or go out of your way to share the gospel. It might seem small but it will do more good than you think and it will truly bless you!

Have a miraculous week! I love you!

Sister Keeler

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