Monday, February 9, 2015

Brasil: Week 50 - Celular Problems

A miracle happened yesterday! OUR PHONE STARTED WORKING!!!!!! It has been 2 weeks that our phone has been broken.... Yup. 2 weeks. We havent been able to call anyone or receive calls and seriously its the worst thing ever. Life without a cell phone is hard. Good thing we live in a really safe area or else I would have been scared to walk around with out one. BUT! Dont worry because it works now! It was actually really funny because we called the mission office to fix it and nothing worked then yesterday as we were leaving someones house the phone fell on the ground and broke open (like the battery came out) and we all just gasped and stared at the phone..... Then I was like "heh, it would be really funny if it actually works now"...... we put the phone back together and turned it on and guess what!!! IT WORKED!!!!! HAHAHAH!!! It was sooooo funny! I was like, why didnt we drop the phone on the ground two weeks ago? But, seriously, it was a miracle.

So, before I left on my mission my Stake President gave me some counsel and one of the things was to practice the piano as much as I could before leaving on my mission. Well, I did and didnt think much of it because almost every American knows how to play the piano and there are a TON of american missionaries here in Brasil. Well, let me just tell you that I KNOW that the leaders of the church are inspired of God because every single area of my mission I have been asked to play the piano. I dont play that well anymore because I litterally never practice but I have definitely had devine help. I have had to play for baptisms, activities, stake conference, and now I am basically the ward pianist for my ward here in Sao Carlos. I never thought I would have to play so much on my mission, but God knew and he knew that these areas needed my talent (even though its not even good talent :)
Tomorrow is my one year anniversary in BRASIL!!!!! AHH!!!!! There is a Brasilian Elder here in my district that arrived with me and he decided to tell everyone about Sister Keelers first day in brasil from his brasilian view. It goes a little like this:  Everyone was in Presidents house having a great time then this one american sister showed up looking really scared and tired. She was extremely white, was wearing cold weather clothes and didnt know ANY portuguese! She didnt even speak in English!  (Then he ended saying that after 6 weeks he saw me again and said that I spoke really well. ha) Sadly..... everything he said was really true. I was so tired I didnt say anything!

In church we learned a lot about choices and agency. We learned a lot about how we can descern right from wrong and then I started thinking about the Conference talk by Elder Godoy. He talks about how some decisons are not only right and wrong but have a good, better and best. Sometimes it happens in our lives that we are faced with decisions that are both good but we need to decide which one is better. That is when we need to get on our knees. Sometimes both decisions are good but we need to choose what God would have a choose because He knows what is better for us than we do. That has happened a lot in my life actually, and its been hard to decide what is best. But I know that when we counsel with Heavenly Father first he will let us know.  

I hope you all have a great week and make sure you make the BEST decisions :)

"Are you willing to pay the price for your decision?" Elder Carlos Godoy

P.S We are teaching an english class and at first we had a couple people coming (usually 3.....ish....) but then last week one of our faithful students was like, I brought a few friends to class today. A few? She brought like 5! It was so fun! we taught english and played games! and next week we are having a valentines day party!!! WOOHOOO!!! 

P.S I am addicted to the song Glorious.... yup. You can get addicted too! Just click here!

P.S. we went to a cool museum today and we are going to the zoo after this!!!! woohoo!!!! And, that typewriter is called "remington" I want it for my birthday :)  

Sister Keeler

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