Sunday, December 22, 2013

MTC: Week 4 - God is the Author


So, this past Wednesday my district was asked to host the new missionaries entering the MTC. It was seriously so much fun! It basically means that we get a cool "host" sticker and then stand on the curb and smile as we wait for the new missionaries to arrive. We then take the new missionary through the whole first day check-in process and then take them to their residence and classroom. Then go back to the curb and do it all over again for another missionary! I also got the opportunity to host an international sister. And, she didn't speak ANY English! So cool! She was from Budapest.....or at least thats what I think she said.... hahah Even though we had a language barrier it was so fun to try to talk to her and help her out. 

While I was hosting, it finally hit me, that I'm a missionary!! It was the weirdest feeling in the world! But, I LOVE it! I LOVE being a missionary! And, today marks my one month anniversary! WOOHOO!!

One great thing about being a missionary is that you get a whole hour every day set apart just so you can read the Book of Mormon. My Branch President challenged us to restart the Book of Mormon and finish it before we leave the MTC. I have read the Book of Mormon many times but this time I am reading it in the perspective of someone who knows nothing in the church. It is amazing the things you get out because of the different perspectives you take.

During one of our district scripture study sessions we were talking about the word "publisher" and what it means. When you think of the word publish, you think of newspapers. To get a newspaper published you have to take action and it takes a lot of work. Just like "publishing" the word of God or being on a mission is a lot of work! An Elder brought up a great point. Who receives the credit for a story in the newspaper? The publisher? No, its the author. God is the "author" of the Gospel and we need to remember as publishers that all the credit goes to Him. 

We (my district) has had this theme the whole time we have been at the MTC and it has been spiritual gifts. Learning to recognize them and use them. (1 Corinthians 12, D&C 46, Moroni 10) And, The other night my district decided to go around one by one and tell each other what our gifts are. It was an amazing experience and so touching to have people that you love so much and spend all of your time with, tell what your gifts are and how they can and have blessed peoples lives. Afterwards we then watched the Mormon Message "The will of God" by Elder Christofferson. It was so good and is exactly what we needed to hear. 

I hope you have a splendid Christmas week! 

Sister Keeler
P.S.We watched an AMAZING talk by Elder Bednar, called (I think) "Spiritual Promptings" WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Elder Bednar reminds me of you dad :) haha


OUR TREE!! So festive!

The district!

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