Friday, December 13, 2013

MTC: Week 3 - Two words ... Sasquatch showers ...


My favorite quote of the week was from Sister Hawkins, "Its Tuesday, right?" "Sister, its Saturday...." Ha. Seriously all the days just smear together! Sometimes I wonder if the Elders will even notice if all of the Sisters wear the same outfit two days in a row!

Now, every Friday we have TRC.... which now that I think of it, I have absolutely no idea what it stands for.....Anyways, people (from outside the MTC) that are either from Brazil or served their mission there come and we just talk in Portuguese and share a short message. It is seriously the most fun thing. And, a perfect way to end P-days! 

Well, I have discovered that I have some hidden talents. Apparently I am extremely good at guessing peoples height/age/weight. So far, I have been extremely close, or exactly on the dot with everyone that has asked me to guess. Oh, the little things that you discover in the MTC. 

This past Wednesday my district had an "English Fast" which means we could only speak Portuguese the WHOLE day. Holy cow. I have never flipped through a dictionary so much in my life! It was seriously my best friend! Astonishingly, I was successful and I only spoke about 5 English words! But, by about 5pm I had a splitting headache..... I was surprised how much we were all able to say. It was a hard but amazing day. 

Thanks to a wonderful mother, EVERYONE in the ENTIRE (okay, maybe just the people in our building) MTC are jealous of our district! You want to know why?? Because we have CHRISTMAS LIGHTS IN OUR ROOM! Thats right! Natal spirit, baby! We seriously get so many compliments on them. Oh, and the tree is in my room and the stocking is hanging on my bed. I am SO excited for Christmas! And, thanks mom for making the.....somewhat ordinary MTC, into a Christmas wonderland! 

Sister Roberts left Tuesday morning and life is so weird without her. I always feel like we are missing someone. During our first lesson without her, I said something, Sister Koford said something then we both turned our heads to the right..... "Oh, yeah. Its my turn again." But, I got an email from her today and she is loving it down there! She says its really different but beautiful. (Obviously, because Brazil is Heaven!!!!) And, she is learning Portuguese a lot faster, which is great because she was really struggling here.  

Every week the Branch Presidency gives us a Christlike attribute to study and work on. What was this week? Patience. Yup, good o' patience. It truly was tested this week. Let me just say, I think Sasquatch showers are on the third floor. Oh my goodness, we had to clean those showers and I have seriously never seen so much hair in one place, other than on someones head. But, we cleaned it and now it shines :) 

Well, Have a most spectacular week! I hope you had a lucky Friday the 13th!

Sister Keeler

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