Monday, January 20, 2014

IDAHO: Week 8 - What kinds of things are you looking at everyday?


This week was a fabulous and miraculous week! Other than the fact that I fell twice...... I was standing still.... Don't ask me how that happens but it did. I was just standing there and a second later I was on the ground but I have some really good bruises to show for it! I also ran into a door.... good thing my bangs cover that bruise!
We started writing birthday cards for everyone in our 5 wards and so far there have been 50 birthdays but it has been a great way to talk to people (because NO ONE goes outside) and get referrals! Plus, who doesn't love getting birthday cards!?

I have been reading a bit of the Old Testament because we are reading the bible and explaining it to one of the Less actives that we teach and this week I was reading about Lot. And, its interesting that when Lot takes the better portion of the land he faces his tent door towards Sodom but then a couple chapters later, he is living in Sodom and most of his children are married to people from Sodom. How does that happen? How does a person go from just seeing a wicked city and knowing that it is extremely wicked to living in it? And, i was thinking about this and we had Stake Conference this weekend (Our stake got split so now we are the only missionaries in our stake which means we have 8 wards!!!) and one of the members of the Seventy, Elder Shwitzer (sp?) talked about how your home, more importantly pictures in your home can effect people. He started out by saying that the First Presidency are the only ones that get to pick the paintings in the temple and also where they go. I didn't know that. That was cool. And, he asked about what kind of pictures are in our home? What do we look at every day? He told a story of a lady that was less-active but all of her pictures were of the temples and Jesus and she had a picture of her missionary plaque. And, all of her sons served missions. Where did they get this idea? From the example of the  pictures in their home. Now, relating this to Lot. They probably didn't have paintings in their tents but what is something they saw every day? Sodom. Just seeing it every day made it seem normal and not so bad. And, eventually he was living in Sodom, the most wicked city there has ever been. What kinds of things are we looking at every day? Whether it be pictures or things on the internet? Are they helping us focus on the right place or is it making evil seem normal? Just think about that. 

Well, I hope you have a most glorious week! I pray for you every day! Thank you for your prayers! They are truly felt and appreciated! Thank you!
Sister Keeler
Finally got to go to the temple! What a beautiful place!

Aren't we the cutest!? 

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